Hot-Melt Adhesives

Hot-Melt Adhesives (HMAs) are one-component solid thermoplastic materials which are available in various forms including rod, tape and powder. These adhesives are ideal in many respects offering quick and clean solutions to various bonding problems.

A glue gun, providing temperature in the range of 120-200 C, is used to melt and apply adhesive to substrate and once heat is removed it quickly hardens again. This particular feature provides ‘dismantling’ functionality which is particularly advantageous for various bonding applications. In addition, there are other benefits associated with the use of HMAs including ease of application, good gap filling and solvent free formulation. Hot-melt adhesives are widely used in packaging industries.

Various polymers are used in hot-melt adhesive formulations including:

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA)




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