Grit blasting, also referred to as abrasive blasting, sand blasting or shot blasting, is an effective surface cleaning and roughening method which aids adhesion promotion. The process involves bombarding surface with abrasive media using an air compressor. The blasting pressure varies with equipment and may typically be in the range of 0-10 bar.

The following list shows commonly used abrasive media:

  • Aluminum oxide
  • Baking soda
  • Ceramic grit
  • Corncob
  • Copper slag
  • Glass bead
  • Plastic abrasive
  • Pumice
  • Silicon carbide
  • Steel grit
  • Steel shot
  • Walnut shell

Surface condition requirement dictates abrasive media selection and the variables include particle material, size, shape and hardness. For example aluminium oxide blasting is effective in cleaning and roughening rusty steel surface whereas corncob blasting is a mild cleaning process for wood.

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